So I made an alternative version of last week’s Dancehall Mix. Yeah, I get it, seems dumb, but I’ve always loved the idea of alternative endings in films, stories where you choose what happens next like Dubplate Drama, parallel universes and in general the idea that the way things are is only one outcome and that there could be other options equally as right. So here’s about 80% the same tunes in pretty much the same order, with a different ending and completely different vibe. Shouts to Pauli for adding the Back To Life vibes 🔥🔥🔥


It's been so long since the last mixtape, and honestly i've been struggling to make anything decent, so figured the best way to start making mixes again was to bash out some quick easy ones... So starting here with another Dancehall mix, just a bunch of tunes I enjoy playing out, ended up being well over an hour!!